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The Honourable Baron Justinian Clarus
Bard of Ealdormere

His Excellency, The Honourable Lord Justinian Clarus, Baron of the Court of King Baldric and Queen Breyla as well as their Bard, Squire to Master Trumbrand the Wanderer, Bard to their Majesties Trumbrand and Kaylah, and Kaylah and Trumbrand, and to their Majesties Aaron and Rustique, Bard to Kildare and Katherine, Fifth on the Northern Throne, a Companion of the Orders of the Crucible, the Golden Otter and the Willow, Holder of a Middle Kingdom Royal Augmentation of Arms and the Awards of the Maiden's Heart, The Orion, The Doe's Grace, Tangwystl's Favour, The Wolf's Tooth and The Purple Fret, Holder of the Guidon of Ramshaven (Bordure Or). Bard, Fighter and Tyrant of the Peace Loving Peoples Autonomous Collective of Bards, Fighters and their Foolish Friends Resting by the Shores of Cooper's Lake.

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