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The Song of the Northern Wanderer (Home) The Song of the Northern Wanderer
Words by Master Hector of Black Height

I'm going home, home, home to the Northlands,
Home, home, home to Ealdormere. (Twice)

Farewell to the ladies of distant Ruan Tallan,
Farewell to the maids of Atlantia's shore,
We sail with the tide to return to the Northlands
And your pretty smiles I'll be seeing no more.
I'm going home...

I've heard of great treasures that Southron men covet,
Caid to Trimaris, they search high and low;
The richest of riches awaits in the Northlands,
To forest and glen and blue rivers I go.
I'm going home...

My heart has found friends through the miles of the Midrealm,
From Northshield's expanse to the great Oaken plain,
But ever my wandering eyes find the North Star
And ever in Ealdormere I would remain.
I'm going home...

My sword has won battles, my bow has won honour,
My shield's scarlet field has blazed bold as the dawn
But now my heart longs to hear songs of the Northlands,
So steer by the North Star and let us be gone.
I'm going home...

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