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Words by Master Hector of Black Height (Edits by Uncle J )

The northern forests gave us birth, the north wind said, "be free",
The lone wolf's lope across the hills foreshadowed victory;
And where once a Prince commanded us, his sons our Kings shall be
When above their brows a golden crown shall rise.

Rise, rise, rise!
With the northern sun to warm us and the North Star as our guide,
With the wind-song in my bow-string and a stout blade by my side,
With our children as our future and our legends as our pride
We shall stand; we shall conquer; we shall rise!

The Inland Seas sustained the people, as did glade and glen;
The crystal rivers slaked the thirst of those first here, and then
Came a hunger for our destiny. The feast begins again
When above our Queen the scarlet banners rise.
Rise, rise, rise!...

For many years we stood as vassals 'gainst the common foe;
We did as we were bid and many lands our valour know,
But today we stand in freedom. In proud freedom strike your blow
When above your head the shining sword does rise.
Rise, rise, rise!...

There was a time that Southron folk our noble name did fear.
The dismal days of silence passed; our destiny is here.
Let us shake the hills in glory: for the Crown and Ealdormere!
Form the shieldwall, draw the bow-string, we arise.
Rise, rise, rise!...

Hear now the words of Northern folk in hall and keep and field!
We are the Northland's treasure, we the sword, the bow the sheild!
We the lifeblood, we the sinew, we the Heart that shall not yield!
For as long as one still stands the North shall Rise!!
Rise, rise, rise!...

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