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Stand in the Shieldwall

Stand in the Shieldwall

Words by Master Hector... Kaylah modifications by Uncle J

To the armed might of Ealdormere Kaylah did speak,
Saying, "Life is for living, it's not for the meek,
And good folk, should the Queen and should you both agree,
Then to Arms and come stand with Queen Kaylah and me."

Come bring me my rapier and bring me my bow,
Come bring me my spear, for to battle we go.
The Dragon may beckon but soon he will flee.
Come and stand in the shieldwall with Kaylah and me.

The Dragon is haughty, the Dragon is proud.
His claws are fair sharp and his roar is fair loud.
But we're of the Trillium and proud folk are we
Who shall stand and shall fight with Queen Kaylah and me.

Sweet ladies and fair, 'tis to battle we go.
We shall smite with the sword and draw with the bow.
With your names on our lips we'll grasp sweet victory.
Save a kiss for your Lord, for King Trumbrand and me.

We stand 'neath the shade of the trillium unfurled.
Our great banner is known to the ends of the world,
And 'tis legend we make, and 'tis legends ye'll be
If you stand in the Shieldwall with Kaylah and me.

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