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Songs by Master Hector

Rise and Follow David (The "D" Song)

by Master Hector of the Black Height

Sound the call both far and near
Throughout the whole of Ealdormere
Our King commands; we shall appear
Rise and follow David

Tha tighin fodham, fodham, fodham, (3x)
Rise and follow David

Archers draw the supple bow
Pipers gie your pipes a blow
Our King commands; we'll not be slow
Rise and follow David

Fighters let your sword-blows ring
Of your brave deeds great songs we'll sing
For ye shall meet the Southron King
Rise and follow David

Glandydd, lead your clan to war
Faeringold, stand to the fore
For each one there a hundred more
Rise and follow David

See our King upon the field
A thousand swords, a thousand shields
At his advance the foeman yields
Rise and follow David

Let the war-shout split the skies
Our King commands; his foeman dies
And we shall take our King his prize
Rise and follow David

Foeman hear and foeman quake
Be careful of the side ye take
Ye'll rue the day the wolves awake
Rise and follow David

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