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Songs by Master Hector 1.5 The Prince of Ealdormere

When I was just a stripling, was when I first saw rippling
Across the Pennsic battlefield the points of Eastern spears.
But then I saw beside me, to lead me and to guide me,
The blazing scarlet banner of the Prince of Ealdormere.

And if you could have seen us then. Boys, if you had just been there!
The sky was full of singing, and the foe was full of fear.
In cold winds of September the foe will long remember
The blazing scarlet banner of the Prince of Ealdormere.

They tell the tales of glory. They sing the scarlet story
Across the camps across the south as far as Calontir
Of Grimwulf and of Aeden, whose names sent foes to hidin'
When they form up the shieldwall for the Prince of Ealdormere.

We've got Finvarr, we've got Kelly, and if the foe's got belly
To stand against Sir David, then give the foe a cheer.
There's Cenedai in Skraeling who conquers without failing
Whenever he's commanded by the Prince of Ealdormere.

And now I am confessing, it's the foemen I'm addressing,
The ones who stand across the field with sword and shield and spear.
I hope your steel you've mastered, or pity the poor bastard
Who stands against Sir Gunther, the Prince of Ealdormere.

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