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Songs by Sigurd 4.4 Henry VIII and the Married King Blues

Well, I'm gonna write the Pope, I'm gonna write the Pontiff,
"Take away this marriage, 'cause I really don't want it."
Well, I wrote the Vatican, and it said, "King,
You're wedded to her now; we don't wanna do a thing."

Sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do,
But there ain't no cure for the married king blues.

I said at the wedding I would treat her like I oughta,
But it's different when you're married to the Spanish king's daughter.
I wanna see my woman, gotta scratch my itch,
But you can't when you're married to a royal bitch....

Gonna take my wife, gonna throw her in the Tower,
Show that old woman who's the one with power.
Now she's on my conscience; I just can't winn.
Anybody seen my Anne Boleyn...

The Pope won't help me so I'm gonna start a schism.
Have my own religion; call it Anglicism.
Now I can divorce anyone I wish
And pay for honeymoons from the offering dish.

Me and Cromwell know what we're gonna do --
Show you the meaning of the married king blues.

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