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Other Songs 6.5 I'm a Viking (and I'm Okay)

I'm a Viking, and I'm okay. I rape and pillage for my pay.

I chop down trees, I build long ships, I sail across the see.
I don't believe in shopping, so I practice robbery.

I'm a Viking...

We chop down doors, we loot the church, we burn the village down.
We put on funny helmets to party in your town.

We like the French, they have nice things, we like to rob them blind.
Their women are so willing to help a man unwind.

We don't like the Saxons; they always bitch and moan.
They've got this guy named Alfred who pays us to stay home.

When I get home I kiss my wife and give my dog a bone.
...Or have I got that backwards...?

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