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Other Songs 6.7 Music, Sex and Cookies

When I come round to your tent, well you know how it goes.
The first thing is, I'll woo you with a bag of Oreos.
I'll sing you special love songs, to show my love is true,
And then I'll take you in my arms and make sweet love to you.

'Cause it's music, sex and cookies, cookies, music and sex,
And it really doesn't matter what order I get 'em in,
I'm lovin' 'em all the best.
Tried therapy and honesty, was lost but now am found,
But it's music, sex and cookies that make my world go round.

But we are both on diets, and cookies aren't much fun.
At a hundred and fifty calories apiece, we can't eat even one.
But I can still sing love songs, 'cause they are sugar free,
And I will always be satisfied with the best two out of three.

This summer while at Pennsic, we're roasting in the sun,
Though even when it's raining, we sure can have some fun.
'Cause I have got a songbook, digestives and sweet you,
And we can play some indoor sports until the sky is blue.

Someday I'll make you Princess, and I'll be your sweet Prince,
And then we'll have to sit through courts so long they make us wince.
I'll make them bring us shortbreads, and sing a Hector song,
And then we'll make them go away. We'll cuddle all night long.

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