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Marshal Summary Report
!2 Days On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my True Love sent to me:
  • 12 Drummers drumming (chant: doum tek-a doum tek-a)
  • 11 Pipers piping (hum: 1st line of Scotland the Brave, while holding nose)
  • 10 Lords a Leaping (spoken: parry, thrust, parry, thrust)
  • 9 Ladies dancing (hum: bars of Maltese Bransle)
  • 8 Maids a Filking (repeat line with: like this song)
  • 7 Swans a swimming (repeat line with: in a sauce with powdre douce)
  • 6 Girls a Playing (sing: Now is the Month of Maying)
  • 5 Golden Chains (spoken: even a Knight can remember THIS line)
  • 4 Calling Birds (spoken: Oyez, Oyez, all birds!)
  • 3 French Hens (spoken: Mon liege Louis, ce coup etait douceyourblow, eet ees light)
  • 2 Leather Gloves (spoken: with Elizabethan blackwork)
  • And a Partridge in a Pear Tree (spoken: vert, a pear tree proper, semi of pears or,in chief a bird, brown)

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