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By Brent Connell and Sean Dalgetty
(Kashida Onami Noh Kuma No Kimi and Bey Tarkatai Bahadur)

Best sung to
the tune; "ANNIEíS SONG" by John Denver

You scuff up my armour
Like a white belted fighter
Like the squires in springtime
Like a rhino in heat
You dented my helmet
And I call this my hobby
You're trying my patience
Come fight me again

You ignore my leg blows
And you deal me hard cup shots
You borrow my duct tape
And you don't give it back
You kick my ass daily
And I call you my Lady
You've broken my finger
Come fight me again

You hand me an ice pack
And some Rub A-5-3-5
A splint for my finger
And a frosty cold beer
You un-zip the tent flap
And you tell me you love me
I tell you I'm tired
And we're fighting again

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