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(SCA: Lady Marian of Heatherdale / mka: Heather Dale)

Hey hey laddie-o
We'll climb that hill and we'll fight the foe

The muscled might of Ealdormere
Is climbin' up the hill with our goods and gear

Heed well the Northern red
When you see it on the field with the Eastern dead

Let the lazy bastards jeer
We're warming up the arms of Ealdormere

What means your belt and rowel [spur]
When your faces turn to white with the Northrealm's howl

The army rolls toward the field
In the tides of the battle we will not yield

Hail to the Princess, wise and fair
The finest inspiration of Ealdormere

Snow, rain or sun beat down
We're fighting for the pride of our sovereign crown

Take heed and stand well clear
Or you'll fall under the wheels of Ealdormere

Fie what their King bestows
They'll be getting their reward from our swords & bows

Carting's a good career
When you're carting off the foes of Ealdormere

See how their shieldwall fails
When they come upon the spears of the Rams & Skraels

Strong hearts and stronger beer
Are the products of the wilds of Ealdormere

Let prudent foes beware
Of the hunger and the thirst of the Northern bear

Salute to the one you hold most dear
And do honour to the Prince of Ealdormere

Lift up your swords and sing
For the glories of the war this day will bring

Hail to the friends from far and near
The allies of the wolves of Ealdormere

Heave ho with all your might
The crown on the mountain is in sight

Raise up your voice and cheer
For the patriots who sweat for Ealdormere!

(copyright Amphisbaena Music, 1996)
Used with permission for the COTW booklet series
***Marian's written & recorded lots of bardic songs over the years --
come learn them at! :)

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