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True and Destined King


by Heather M. Dale (Lady Marian of Heatherdale)
(copyright Amphisbaena Music, 1995
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My kinsman and my brother
My shieldmate and my guide
May my arm always defend you
And your honour lift you high
You are true and destined King
And my sword is by your side
I will fight for you in glory 'til I die

When you sit upon the Trillium throne
The banner I will fly
The flow'r upon the scarlet
And our voices raised up high

When the time for bloody war has come
Your right hand I will be
Where you lead, my King, I'll follow
As we sweep to victory

We will keep the shieldwall fast, my kin
That day our foes will die
And as King you'll reign victorious
You will hear the battle cry

May you sing the deeds of glory
Of your kinsmen gone away
May they see your glowing pride
If I should fall upon that day

For you are true and destined King,
And my sword is by your side
I will fight for you in glory 'til I die.

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