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Song of the Wain

Song of the Wain

By Garraed Galbraith Olagh

Heave ho, away we go
Rollin faster, rollin' faster
Heave ho, away we go
The wagons roll to war.

The Southron called us to the dance
From Northern ground we now advance
Take up the sword, the spear, the lance
It's off we ride to War

With Scarlet Banner's now unfurled
Our King takes up the challenge hurled
And we prepare to leave this world
Our King must have his War

The armour's piled deep and wide
The wagons' rock from side to side
No army stands against the tide
Of Ealdormere at War

The armies clash beneath the sun
A' fore night falls they will be done
And we'll be dead or we'll have won
That's how we fight a War

Beneath the scarlet we stood fast
So on we march, this battle past
Yet still we know it's not the last
We'll win our King this War

To foemen, heed my warning cry
North men are not afraid to die
So give your wife her last goodbye
We'll see 'her after/you at the' War.

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